Hello Bees! My name is Mirtho and I am the founder of Cannabis Hive. I want to share with you all how this dream of mine came to life. Life is about dreaming! I have always believed in the magic that cannabis holds. Cannabis has helped me in the past, so I knew I wanted to share the endless potentials cannabis has with others. Everything in life happens for a reason and right when I was determining whether I should pursue this dream, I learned of a cannabis conference. I invited, who are now my partners, Joshelle and Patrick. I saw the potential they had and knew this would be a good venture to embark on. On November 14th, we had a meeting at my house where the name Cannabis Hive and the logo was created. The name came to be when Joshelle was visited by bees in her parking lot at home. She was then visited by more bees at work. It was clear to her that the bees must be in need of a hive. Hence, the name Cannabis Hive came to life.