Does CBD oil help against hair loss or baldness? Hair loss is one of the most frustrating
cosmetic disorders that exist. It can have devastating effects on self-esteem and therefore mental health. People who suffer from hair loss or baldness can feel hopeless when they deal with the disease and the fact that it is almost always impossible to cure. Fortunately, scientists have found that CBD oil could possibly help as a solution to hair loss. Once again thanks to its stress-reducing properties and nourishing ingredients. In this article, we delve deeper into CBD oil to treat and prevent hair loss and hair loss. We also clarify when CBD oil can be an appropriate treatment for people suffering from hair loss 1

“Normal” hair loss and Alopecia Hair loss is caused by hormonal changes, these changes that cause the hair follicle to shrink, in some cases it is genetic, other causes of hair loss can be stress or emotional turbulence or temporary hormonal changes such as hair loss after pregnancy or during menopause. Sometimes the hair loss is permanent and very hard to treat. Other times it is temporary, but still very hard to get the hair back. Hair loss can occur in various ways, some people experience thinning hair while others can lose large parts and chunks at once.

Understanding Alopecia

In Alopecia, hair loss is more severe, people lose
large parts of their hair and leave bald patches on
their head, resulting in baldness. Alopecia is hair loss caused by a disease or genetic factors. The most common form is known as Alopecia areata. It is an autoimmune disease that causes sudden loss of hair spots on both the head and body. This is because the immune system attacks healthy hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. It is believed that CBD oil helps in the treatment of hair loss and we will verify these claims 2 .

Hair treatment with CBD oil 

There are medical articles that show some evidence of hair growth and CBD oil when applied to the scalp. The reason for this is the content of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids in CBD oil, which are crucial for health and hair growth. These acids in CBD oil have been shown to reduce hair loss and increase hair density 3 . In addition to omega 3 and 6, CBD oil also contains vitamin E, which is abundant. This is good news for hair growth helping to manage conditions such as hair loss. By applying it to the scalp, it can make the existing hair appear healthier and fuller, while stimulating the damaged follicles 4 .  We would like to emphasize that CBD oil unfortunately cannot cure Alopecia. However, it is possible to resolve the cause of the disease. Alopecia is a medical condition caused by an autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune diseases are
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often associated with stress and anxiety, with flare-ups often occurring during difficult
emotional times. So, although it is difficult to combat Alopecia, using CBD oil can slow down hair loss by reducing anxiety and stress. This is particularly helpful for people with genetic Alopecia.