The new year is just around the corner and after an eventful year, the year 2020 is finally over. Normally we want to start the new year with intentions to live healthier, eat healthier and exercise. But this year, many more people will choose to exercise in the New Year. As  2020 was a year in which many of us also gained some extra pounds.

To make your exercise routine a success, consistency is key. With that you can use CBD oil as an aid. Again, CBD will not be the direct effect of growing your muscles or give you extra strength, you still have to do all that yourself. So, with what can CBD oil help? Read this article and you’ll find out.

Why is CBD oil good for exercise?

As discussed earlier, CBD works the way our body’s system of receptors and neurotransmitters works, which is called the endocannabinoid system[1],[2]. This system is responsible for primary body functions such as the immune system, sleep, pain, and more. When these functions are no longer in balance, your body sends complaints to inform you. CBD supports the endocannabinoid system and helps to rebalance these functions. When this is translated into sports you get results in muscle recovery, lowering stress, helping to relax and relieving pain. The result is that exercising is less demanding, with heavy sports you get less pain and you won’t dread the gym, but will be perseverant to reach your goal.

During your exercise

When you exercise, you demand a lot from your body. Not only do you have to push yourself to go further than you can. Good muscle recovery is very important to keep up with sports and to get your body used to heavy training. Because CBD helps restore the muscles, CBD oil can play a major role here. As a result of good muscle recovery you can increase your muscle building and allow your movement system to function optimally.


However, muscles will still hurt from time to time. This may be due to overload or physical stress. When muscles still feel painful, it can also help to smear CBD oil or our CBD instant Freeze Rub over the painful area for relief and to keep the muscles flexible.

Sometimes it can happen that you have an inflammation. You can get inflammation when you exercise with excessive exertion or if you start exercising again after a long time. As discussed earlier, the great thing about CBD oil is that it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Finally, CBD oil also helps to increase your pain threshold, this ensures that muscle cramps hurt less and can thus increase your stamina

After exercising

As previously mentioned; CBD oil has a very relaxing effect and helps you sleep well. Sleeping is also important when exercising, because that is when your body recovers. After using CBD oil you sleep better, your muscles recover faster and you have energy again the next day, making it easier to exercise again (next time).

Mind you, we don’t claim that CBD Oil will help you to be a great athlete. But it does help with the downsides of exercising and the effects of a heavy training. All those reasons why we stop before we even got through the first months. By getting those out of the way, nothing can stop you from reaching your New Years’ goals.
We would like to wish you a great New Year’s eve and good luck with your New Year’s resolutions.

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